Acne has been an issue for both men and women. Acne is a disease that can lead to an individual feeling too ashamed to leave the house. Several individuals feel as if they will never have a glowing and gorgeous skin that is free of scars and blemishes again because of the bright red scars that are left on their faces. It can eventually lead to a lack of self-confidence or depression.

Various remedies are accessible for people that are suffering from acne, but, before choosing on therapy, patients are urged to consider what may be causing the blemishes so that they can determine the ideal acne treatment plan. The following are causes of acne.


Hormonal acne is the most well-known forms of this skin ailment. Women are more likely to get pimples more than men because of their hormones. Often, this disease can be just identified as women will break out when they are expecting or while they are menstruating. Their skin may be oily, most of the time but it is not breaking out.


People that operate in environments with a lot of oils are more prone to develop pimples if they rub their face many times throughout the day. For instance, if you work in a hotel, touch greasy food with your hands, and then rub your face, all the oil on your hands will close your pores as it is left on your face. Many people believe they have this condition, but they can see a huge difference by simply not touching their face.


dhbhbSometimes, people do not adequately wash their face and then query why they get acne. Patients with this skin disease may get pimples regardless, but if they do not often cleanse, the more they are likely to get acne. You can assist in making the condition more manageable by ensuring that a proper routine is followed both at night and in the morning. Deep cleansing therapy, ex-foliation and cleaning the face off with fresh water during the day can aid manage this skin condition if improper cleaning is the cause.


What is consumed in the body makes its way out through the sweat glands. As bacteria is forced out, it requires being cleaned off, hence the cleaning section discussed above. Sometimes, though, this is just not enough.

Patients with a much unhealthy diet are urged to make subtle diet changes over time to examine if this makes a difference. Greasy foods such as chips and pizza are still believed to cause this condition.…